In the digital age, there is a great emphasis on companies and recruitment agencies to implement a resilient due diligence process. The use of due diligence checks to reduce risks is considered a strategic priority for our clients, especially when recruiting new employees for sensitive positions. The risks stemming from data fraud, reputational damage and the disclosure of company information / intellectual property is too high to neglect. To meet the increasing challenges faced by businesses and recruitment agencies, Unita Insight provides a fully-integrated range of due diligence solutions that enable businesses to identify and mitigate risks associated with recruiting new employees.

We are the chosen provider of recruitment due diligence services for several businesses and recruitment agencies. We apply our expert approach to Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) and Social Media Intelligence (SOCMINT) to conduct comprehensive reviews of social media activity. Additionally, we undertake verification and reference checks on behalf of our clients in order to establish candidates' levels of integrity. Lastly, we leverage our privileged access to information sources to identify whether candidates have previous or active associations with indecent or inappropriate activity, criminal behaviour, or political and animal rights activism.

Unita Insight provides businesses and recruitment agencies with comprehensive background checks and screening services to help mitigate risks and verify candidates

Background Screening

We work on behalf of our clients to screen candidates and existing employees in order to establish comprehensive profiles and verify their credentials by conducting enquiries with previous employers and educational establishments. Applying our intelligence gathering expertise, we conduct a comprehensive search and analysis of social media accounts to identify whether candidates / employees are associated with activist organisations.

Using the latest facial recognition software, we screen candidates / employees against our own databases to determine whether they are associated with inappropriate material including images and videos. Lastly, we apply our analytical expertise to provide our clients with a detailed assessment of our findings, indicating risks and risk treatment measures to consider for each candidate / employee.

Employee Vetting

Employee Vetting enables our clients to measure the integrity, reliability and discretion of individuals employed in sensitive workplace environments including senior leadership, research and development, finance and external relations. The process further enables our clients to identify risks associated with employees and help them to mitigate such risks accordingly.

Our Employee Vetting process is closely aligned with the same methodologies used by the British Government. Following an in-depth interview of our clients' employees conducted by trained team members, we conduct extensive checks using open and closed source information. We communicate our findings to our clients alongside a series of risk-mitigating recommendations and follow-on actions to be undertaken.

Unita Insight provides businesses and corporate enterprises integrated employee vetting services to help our clients assess the suitability of individuals employees in highly sensitive roles
When a serious incident occurs, our team provides comprehensive investigative support to our clients to help them investigate and recover from the loss of intellectual property, fraud, mismanagement and cyber breaches

Workplace Investigations

Serious incidents including the public disclosure of propriety information, theft of intellectual property and the intrusion of digital infrastructure may have a destabilising effect on any business. For most businesses, the capability to respond, investigate and recover from a serious incident in a timely manner is considered a strategic priority.

We provide investigative solutions that enable businesses to effectively respond to and investigate serious incidents. Additionally, we conduct comprehensive investigations by gathering evidence and intelligence through forensically analysing computer and mobile devices, interviewing staff and conducting discreet enquiries through our sources.

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