At Unita Insight, we provide our clients with an extensive range of solutions to help them overcome complex litigation cases, enabling them to achieve successful outcomes. Our range of litigation support solutions includes advanced intelligence collection, evidence gathering and analysis that enable our clients to gain essential leverage. We apply technical and traditional intelligence gathering techniques that can either be used as evidence in court or during business negotiations. We work directly with our clients' legal teams to ensure the consistent flow of intelligence and evidence whilst providing strategic advice to help them achieve favourable outcomes.

To date, Unita Insight has assisted several international businesses including pharmaceutical, bio-research, retail and manufacturing enterprises, helping them to source essential leverage during litigation proceedings. Our work has included the effective and timely delivery of targeted intelligence indicating conflicts of interest, inappropriate behaviour and fraudulent activity by third parties against our clients.

Unita Insight is a private intelligence company that provides intelligence and insight for corporations and businesses

Intelligence and Evidence Gathering

We actively work alongside our clients' legal representatives to help expose intelligence and evidence gaps that exist within their cases. We then apply technical and non-technical intelligence and evidence gathering skills to collect vital information and produce detailed analyses concerning our findings. Our methodologies include the provision of advanced Open Source Intelligence (OSINT), Covert Internet Investigations and Human Intelligence (HUMINT), with an aim to gather essential information that helps promote our clients' interests whilst identifying potential witnesses.

In concert with our intelligence and evidence gathering activities, our processes include the active analysis of evidence and legal strategies of our clients' adversaries.

Conflict and Misconduct Identification

The ability for our clients to gain maximum visibility of their opponents' vulnerabilities, interests, priorities and strategies is essential during the strategy development phase of the litigation process. We apply our expertise to gather insightful information through technical and traditional intelligence-gathering techniques, enabling our clients to better develop their legal strategy and reinforce their claims / counterclaims.

Fusing our capacity to develop intelligence sources with our expertise in analysing vast amounts of data, we work alongside our clients' legal representatives to collect information concerning their opponents to identify vulnerabilities or evidence of misconduct.

We gather intelligence and conduct comprehensive investigations on behalf of our clients to help identify weaknesses within their competition
We help clients identify and recover assets - including assets from offshore jurisdictions - by applying the expertise of our team and source network

Asset Tracing

Unita Insight has supported several clients seeking to identify and recover assets from foreign jurisdictions (including offshore). Our source network extends across several offshore jurisdictions, enabling us to gather essential intelligence concerning recoverable assets. Further, we apply the expertise of our team and source network to provide our clients with additional support to help them recover assets in a timely manner.

To date, we have provided services on behalf of several high-net-worth individuals seeking to trace recoverable offshore assets during legal proceedings.

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