Unita Insight provides regular support for hedge funds, private equity and investment firms by conducting extensive intelligence-gathering and analysis activities against potential investments, enabling them to conduct effective decision making whilst taking into account risks and rewards. Through our global source network, we have the capability to obtain detailed insight concerning potential investments, we then apply our analytical expertise to advise our clients of risks.

Combining our capability to conduct enhanced due diligence on businesses and associated senior leadership figures, we produce detailed profiles that provide our clients with maximum visibility of their target and an analysis of investment opportunities offered. We provide comprehensive intelligence support for clients - whether they are seeking to identify mismanagement or questionable business practices within a short-term investment, or assessing the viability of a long-term investment - our team provides detailed and actionable insight to help them make the right decision.

We support hedge-funds and private equity firms by gathering intelligence against potential investments to help them identify risks and rewards

Investment Due Diligence

We regularly provide our clients with enhanced due diligence services that scrutinise and assess the long and short-term viability of potential investment opportunities. We collect privileged information from our network of sources and gather large volumes of data to provide our clients with an assessment of their prospective investments, as well as to identify associated personalities and assess the risks they present.

At Unita Insight, we provide our clients with the most detailed and insight-rich due diligence solutions - ensuring that our clients can make the well-informed, risk-based decisions with the utmost of confidence.

Company and Leadership Profiling

The ability to gain maximum visibility of potential investments and their associated structures is considered a strategic priority for our clients. To fulfil this requirement, we regularly undertake in-depth research projects that culminate in the production of detailed profiles of companies and their key leadership elements. Applying our refined approach to intelligence gathering, we collect information concerning the leadership structure of prospective investments including their interests, motivations and associated risks.

The information with gather from our network of sources and through our technical capabilities ensure that our clients can make effective risk-based financial transactions.

We apply effective Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) and source information gathering to produce comprehensive company intelligence profiles that provides clients with maximum visibility of the financial health and longevity of investments
We investigate and gather intelligence on behalf of our clients to help identify instances of fraud, mismanagement and subsequent misrepresentation affecting their investments

Fraud and Misrepresentation Identification

Internal fraud and conflicting interests present severe risks to the financial stability and reputation of a company - often rendering it uninvestable. Recent high-profile events have indicated a willingness within some volatile companies to cover up their losses and internal troubles to mislead their investors. With this in mind, Unita Insight provides hedge funds, private equity and investment companies with an integrated range of intelligence gathering and analysis services to help identify instances of internal fraud and misrepresentation concerning their investments.

Fusing our capability to leverage our network of sources with our expertise in applying advanced OSINT and covert internet investigation skills, we collect detailed and privileged information on order to identify instances of fraud and misrepresentation. We further apply our analytical skills to provide clients with a detailed analysis of our findings to help them make timely and risk-aware decisions.

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