Our team includes certified Cyber Security and Cyber Threat Intelligence experts with significant experience in the provision of technical and non-technical solutions for a cross-section of key industrial sectors. Moreover, our experts have played an integral role in supporting several EU projects aimed at reinforcing cyber defence mechanisms for nation-state military forces and enhancing intelligence and forensic capabilities for partners in the Middle East.

Applying our expertise, we provide a niche range of solutions designed to complement our clients' existing cyber and information security architecture. We fuse our intelligence-gathering and cyber security expertise to provide our clients with an additional layer of cyber defence that enables them to identify negative media / disinformation campaigns, data leaks, insider and active threats. Additionally, our team includes accredited and experienced forensic investigators capable of providing our clients with a range of covert and overt digital forensics solutions to help them investigate serious incidents.

Our team enables clients to gain maximum and detailed visibility of cyber threats affecting their network architecture and intellectual property

Active Threat Identification

We provide clients with maximum visibility of current and emerging threats facing their network infrastructure by actively collecting information from a variety of sources. Unita Insight is partnered with several threat intelligence providers - enabling us to obtain a detailed technical analysis of threats and future-proof advice concerning risk-mitigating measures.

Currently, we provide cyber threat intelligence advisory and monitoring sources for several businesses concerned by active threats to their intellectual property from state-aligned cyber actors. Applying our unique understanding of Advanced Persistent Threats, we are well positioned to provide effective intelligence support for businesses at risk from state-linked threats as well as advice on how to defeat attacks.

Forensic Investigations

In the event of a serious incident or cyber-attack, forensic investigations enable businesses to identify the cause of such incidents and assess its short and long-term impacts. Our team includes accredited and highly experienced digital forensics experts, capable of analysing computer and mobile devices and gathering vital intelligence and / or evidence.

Unita Insight's team of digital forensics experts also apply their skills to investigate a range of cyber-enabled incidents including data leaks and cyber breaches. In addition to our technical capabilities, we provide added support to our clients by acting as expert witnesses during criminal or civil legal proceedings.

Unita Insight has an advanced capability to conduct forensic investigations of computers, mobile devices and networks to detect and gather evidence concerning criminality, inappropriate activity and cyber breaches
We protect our clients by applying advanced Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) and Social Media Intelligence (SOCMINT) to investigate disinformation campaigns affecting our clients by identifying and mapping disinformation networks

Disinformation Identification

As social media continues to evolve at an exponential rate, the financial health and long-term outlook of businesses can be significantly affected as a result of negative social media or disinformation campaigns. The use of disinformation to discredit businesses and business leaders is not solely limited to competitors. Recent high-profile cases have exposed disinformation tactics used against businesses by activist groups, criminal networks and foreign intelligence services.

We help our clients investigate disinformation campaigns by applying our expertise to conduct effective Social Media Intelligence (SOCMINT) and Covert Internet Investigations. Focusing our efforts on identifying the likely sources of disinformation, we use proven techniques and advanced systems to provide our clients with maximum visibility of active disinformation networks and their possible long-term intentions.

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