We support several high-profile businesses by helping them retain a leading edge in today's highly competitive marketplace. Using years' of intelligence-gathering expertise, we provide our clients with timely and insight-rich intelligence to help them identify new markets and opportunities. At the same time, we provide our clients with maximum visibility of their competitors and their operations.

Unita Insight provides a complete range of discreet intelligence-gathering and corporate insight solutions that are individually tailored to our clients' requirements. From competitor intelligence profiles to market analyses and enhanced due diligence, our team combines their expertise to gather and analyse big data whilst collecting vital intelligence from our network of sources.

We gather intelligence against our clients' competitors to provide them with maximum visibility of their vulnerabilities, strategies and operations

Competitor Intelligence

At Unita Insight, we apply decades of seasoned intelligence-gathering experience and technical expertise to collect insightful information to help our clients better understand their market and provide them with maximum visibility of risks and opportunities. We have a unique capacity to collect large amounts of market data and produce detailed analyses that are tailored to our clients' requirements.

Additionally, we support our clients by conducting discreet targeted intelligence gathering of competitors within their respective market sectors. Our services include the provision of detailed competitor profiles in addition to the collection of intelligence concerning their research and development activities, points of conflict, questionable business activity and malfeasance.

Market Entry

With decades of experience supporting businesses in volatile countries and emerging markets, Unita Insight is the favoured partner for many businesses seeking to expand their businesses to markets in the Middle East, Africa and South Asia. Through our network of associates, we also have a unique capacity to expand our clients' businesses to Latin America.

We help our clients by providing them with intelligence-fused information concerning their target marketplaces and assist with the identification and screening of potential local business associates. Additionally, we provide our clients with periodical intelligence reports covering political and security risks within their countries of operation and facilitate the provision of physical security with trusted in-country providers.

We help our clients expand their business to new and unfamiliar markets and enable them to remain safe and secure by providing high-quality insight and intelligence services
Unita Insight provides enhanced due diligence services for clients as they navigate through partnerships, mergers and acquisitions

Enhanced Due Diligence

During large-scale business acquisitions, mergers, partnerships and expansions to new and unfamiliar countries, our clients require greater visibility of associated risks and benefits - such risks can either be mitigated or accepted at risk provided they are appropriately identified and analysed. Unita Insight regularly provides enhanced due diligence for businesses and corporate enterprises to help them identify and manage risks to their operations and reputation.

To date, Unita Insight has provided enhanced due diligence for several high-profile business enterprises, enabling them to gain greater knowledge of potential investors by identifying their motives, interests, work history and questionable behaviour. Combining our technical and non-technical intelligence gathering abilities, we provide our clients with financial, marketing, legal and technical information that is pertinent to the targets of each case.

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