Unita Insight provides an extensive range of litigation support solutions including Intelligence and Evidence Gathering, Conflict and Misconduct Identification, and Asset Tracing.

Our team applies technical and traditional intelligence gathering techniques to provide our clients with leverage that can either be used as evidence in court or during business negotiations.


We support corporate organisations and businesses by helping them retain a leading edge in today's highly competitive marketplace.

With years of intelligence-gathering expertise, we provide our clients with timely and insight-rich intelligence to help them identify new markets and opportunities.


Unita Insight supports hedge fund, private equity and investment firms by providing Investment Due Diligence, Investment and Company Profiling, and Fraud and Misrepresentation Investigations services.

We gather and produce detailed intelligence, enabling our clients to make effective risk and reward-based decisions.


Unita Insight is a trusted partner of many corporate organisations and businesses that require Background Screening, Employee Vetting, and Workplace Investigations.

To meet the increasing challenges faced by businesses and recruitment agencies, Unita Insight provides a fully-integrated range of due diligence solutions that enable businesses to identify and mitigate risks associated with recruiting new employees.


We fuse our intelligence-gathering and cyber security expertise to enable clients to identify negative media / disinformation campaigns, data leaks, insider and active threats.

Our team also consists of digital forensics experts capable of providing covert and overt forensic investigative solutions.

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