Case Overview

We were requested by the legal representatives of a claimant engaged in divorce proceedings to help identify hidden offshore assets associated with the claimant's estranged spouse. The claimant had been informed by sources that assets had been intentionally relocated offshore by the estranged spouse and that evidence had been destroyed to conceal this fact.

Case Execution

Leveraging our network of associates located in two offshore jurisdictions, we developed a pool of local information sources who provided our team with first-hand information of considerable intelligence value. Our team also conducted a series of advanced Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) and Social Media Intelligence (SOCMINT) to obtain evidence that would indicate whether the estranged spouse had undertaken travel to the two named offshore jurisdictions.

Case Outcome

Through the development of local sources, Unita Insight received first-hand information indicating that the estranged spouse had tied financial assets into local properties with the view of recouping the money by selling the properties at a later date. Our online searches further revealed that the estranged spouse opened a social media account using an alias. The social media profile included images of the estranged spouse at the aforementioned properties in addition to posts indicating marital infidelity, resulting in our client gaining considerable leverage during divorce proceedings.

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