Case Overview

A European telecommunications company requested the assistance of Unita Insight to help them assess the risks and rewards of expanding business operations into Iraq and to provide additional support to facilitate their entry into the country.

Case Execution

With our significant experience of conducting business activity in Iraq in addition to our network of associates with strong ties to high-profile Iraqi personalities, our team conducted a series of research assignments with expert input from several sources. Our team undertook a comprehensive political and security risk analysis, then produced an extensive business risk profile complete with a detailed series of recommendations and a 'road map'.

Case Outcome

With a comprehensive understanding of the risks and rewards associated with establishing business operations in Iraq, Unita Insight was requested to help establish a locally-employed team who would lead the business in Iraq. Using our network, we established a list of candidates and conducted a series of enhanced due diligence checks to verify their credentials and work history. Our team further facilitated the provision of in-country security services through a trusted third-party supplier. Our input ensured that our client established a permanent business presence in Iraq consisting of trusted locally-employed staff members - this new business venture resulted in a sizeable increase in annual turnover.

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