Case Overview

A U.S. manufacturing company requested Unita Insight's assistance to investigate a negative media and social media campaign initiated by a purported independent financial analyst. The request was made after two of our client's investors had threatened to withdraw their support after unsubstantiated claims about the company began to circulate on social media.

Case Execution

Our team launched an investigation in order to fully establish the identity of the instigator and map his activities - both physically and on social media. Applying effective Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) and Social Media Intelligence (SOCMINT) gathering techniques, we produced a visual representation of the instigator's network of associates. Through our sources, we requested intelligence that would indicate questionable behaviour previously undertaken by the instigator.

Case Outcome

Our client received an in-depth report that indicated the true extent of the spread of negative media on social media, complete with an assessment of the effect that the negative media campaign would have on our client's reputation. A comprehensive profile that included source information indicating past criminal behaviour undertaken by the instigator was produced - this information was further corroborated by criminal record checks. Intelligence obtained from social media and online forums indicated further inappropriate behaviour undertaken by the instigator, which included the spreading of false claims in order to manipulate stocks. The findings of our investigation enabled our client to release a counter-claim citing the instigator's track record of manipulating stocks by spreading disinformation. Our client went further by launching a civil suit resulting in the instigator paying damages.

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