Case Overview

Unita Insight responded to and investigated an attempted cyber extortion campaign targeting our client, a European business-person. Our client received several emails from an individual demanding payment in the form of cryptocurrency (of significant monetary value). The individual had gained access to our client's private files and threatened to release compromising material of a sexual nature if their demands were not met.

Case Execution

Our team of forensic experts responded to the incident and immediately sought to identify how access to our client's private files was obtained and to further gain an indication as to what compromising material had been stolen. We further obtained information from our client that established a list of individuals who may have had been aware of the existence of compromising material. Using this information, we gathered additional intelligence through a variety of techniques that resulted in the identification of a potential suspect.

Case Outcome

Our digital forensics investigation found that the compromising material had been taken directly from our client's computer. Furthermore, a significant volume of evidence was uncovered, indicating that our client's former partner had coordinated the cyber extortion campaign with likely assistance from a family member and a member of the client's household staff. Our intelligence and evidence was passed to the Police, resulting in the arrest of our client's former partner and two accomplices who later pled guilty to extortion.

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