Case Overview

Unita Insight's investigators were requested by an international manufacturer to plan, manage and execute an internal investigation concerning fraudulent activity and financial mismanagement taking place at their business hub in Japan. Senior management at the business hub was informed by whistleblowers of questionable activity taking place across several business units in addition to financial and contractual irregularities between the business and third-party suppliers.

Case Execution

Our team directed an in-country investigation focused on conducting investigative interviews of several suspects, key witnesses and whistleblowers. Additionally, our team analysed historical contracts awarded by the business to third-party suppliers to identify irregularities. By conducting investigative interviews, several information sources were developed by our team, enabling the collection of intelligence and evidence against individuals suspected of fraudulent activity. Finally, a physical and cyber security review of the manufacturing facility was conducted in order to identify potential risks.

Case Outcome

The investigation uncovered two individuals accepting bribes in exchange for awarding contracts with third-party logistical suppliers, resulting in their immediate dismissal and civil charges being lodged against the logistical companies in question. Our investigation further identified financial inconsistencies resulting in the demotion of one staff member. Lastly, our physical and cyber security review enabled the business to implement corrective measures to increase their security posture on critical research and development systems.

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