Case Overview

In 2020, Unita Insight was requested by a U.S.-based multinational finance company, to support their defence in a compensation claim lodged by a former senior management employee. Our client sought Unita Insight's services and source network to undertake a comprehensive review of allegations made by the claimant. Additionally, our client requested the identification of the claimant's past history, with intentions to obtain intelligence and / or evidence that would indicate inappropriate behaviour and questionable associations.

Case Execution

Our team undertook a series of searches to map the claimant's network of associates, enabling us to make discreet enquiries through two identified informants. Applying our capacity to conduct advanced Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) and Social Media Intelligence (SOCMINT), we established an online profile of the claimant and his associations on social networks. Additionally, we undertook a Covert Internet Investigation and applied social engineering techniques to approach a further three potential information sources with close associations to the claimant.

Case Outcome

Our investigation uncovered multiple strands of historical evidence indicating inappropriate and fraudulent business activity undertaken by the claimant in the U.S. and northern Europe. It was further uncovered that three of the claimant's associations were subject to an investigation by police for their involvement with a named organised crime group. Evidence obtained from social media further indicated that one of the claimant's associations had distributed content on social media glorifying militant activities in the Middle East. Through our network of sources, we uncovered evidence that the claimant was associated with an offshore holding company suspected to have been used fraudulently. The evidence that Unita Insight obtained was used by our client's legal team to reach an out-of-court settlement, ensuring minimal financial losses for our client.

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