Case Overview

A European pharmaceutical company with operations in the U.K. requested employee vetting services be undertaken after they had developed a new drug with a significant market value, fearing that the risk to their intellectual property was too great.

Case Execution

Insight dispatched a team of vetting officers to the client's business location in order to begin interviewing staff members in accordance with our vetting interview processes. Following the interviews, our team undertook a series of advanced due diligence checks which included the verification of answers provided by each of the interviewees in addition to searches undertaken online and through our source network.

Case Outcome

Following the vetting process, our team identified three individuals who had provided misleading information during their interviews, indicating a lack of integrity and resulting in their relocation to another business area. Another individual was found to have made misleading claims concerning their accreditations, resulting in immediate dismissal. The remaining individuals were appropriately vetted to handle sensitive company information on the basis that they are screened every two years.

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