Case Overview

Unita Insight was requested by a multinational bio-research company to create a comprehensive competitor intelligence profile concerning a rival enterprise. Our client requested maximum visibility of their competitor's leadership structure, business strategies and research activities. Lastly, our client requested that Unita Insight obtain source information concerning questionable activity within their competitor's business environment.

Case Execution

Our team undertook a comprehensive series of searches to establish the competitor's online profile and identify individuals associated with the business. Through our network of associates and sources, we gathered intelligence concerning the competitor's business activities whilst identifying several other sources of information. Lastly, we applied social engineering techniques to gather information from individuals employed by the competitor.

Case Outcome

Our searches uncovered significant questionable and unethical business practices that existed within the competitor's business in addition to questionable political associations held by the CEO of the company. Our network of sources further uncovered evidence connecting the CEO and COO of the company to three offshore holding companies, one of which was associated with a questionable business venture that was co-founded by a named businessman convicted of fraud and tax evasion. The work undertaken by Unita Insight was used by our client to secure significant investment from a businessperson who had initially intended to provide financial support towards the competitor's business.

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