Case Overview

Unita Insight was requested by a multi-national pharmaceutical company to provide annual background screening services against pre-selected job candidates. The client requested our team provide deep-level screening searches to establish each candidate's social media activity and to identify whether candidates had any associations with animal rights activist groups.

Case Execution

Through our source network, we identified some individuals with direct links to known animal rights groups. Applying our expertise in Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) and Social Media Intelligence (SOCMINT), our team conducted comprehensive searches to map the social network activity of each candidate, identifying their associations and screening their social media for content that would present risks. Using advanced third-party facial recognition tools, our team screened each candidate to ascertain potential links with indecent imagery and videos. Lastly, we undertook a series of reference checks on-behalf of our client to verify each candidate's qualifications, accreditations and work history.

Case Outcome

Our background checks resulted in the identification of two candidates with second-hand associations with animal rights activist groups. This information enabled our client to implement a series of risk-mitigating actions upon hiring the aforementioned individuals. The use of advanced third-party facial recognition systems further identified one individual who had previously uploaded indecent imagery to a website known for adult image sharing. Another candidate's application was rejected on the grounds of misrepresentation following enquiries made by our team.

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