Our History

Unita Insight was formed in 2020 as a specialist provider of intelligence, strategic insight and investigative solutions for business enterprises. We are an independent organisation composed of former British intelligence and law enforcement professionals in addition to highly experienced international security experts. Supported by a global network of technology providers, Unita Insight is a leading supplier of specialist services for several high-profile businesses worldwide.

With a permanent presence in Denmark, Sweden, the United Kingdom and the United States; Unita Insight is well-positioned to support a variety of businesses and industrial sectors that require highly advanced solutions to help them overcome a wide range of complex corporate challenges.

Our Approach

We apply detail-oriented and creative thinking during the design and execution of each of our projects. Our team maintains constant communication with clients to ensure they are aware of key developments throughout the project's lifecycle. With a tailored approach to each of our projects means that members of our leadership team are closely involved in each venture that we undertake.

We maintain the strictest of standards with regards to personal privacy, information security and ethical business practices. Therefore, we ensure that our business activity is compliant with relevant U.K., E.U. and U.S. legislation including the EU General Data Protection Regulation and ISO 27001.

Our Capabilities

At Unita Insight, we maintain a comprehensive range of advanced capabilities that enable us to gather and analyse information from a multitude of sources. We have a global network of associates and sources including industry, academic and security experts; our network enables us to use external expertise to help inform and advise our clients.

In addition to our ability to gather information from our network of sources, we have an unmatched capacity to gather and analyse data from the surface web, deep web and dark web. Our ability to gather and analyse big data is further enabled by our close associations with notable tech providers and systems engineers.

Unita Insight has a global coverage, enabling us to gather intelligence from well-placed sources and produce intelligence and insight for our clients

Our Global Reach

Unita Insight is uniquely positioned across several countries including Denmark, Sweden, the United Kingdom and the United States to provide advanced intelligence, insight and investigative solutions for global enterprises.

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